Witz Sport Cases Surf-Safe Slim Dry Box – Waterproof Box Red

Witz Sport Cases - These cases come with a neck Lanyard and a carabiner. Nylon lanyard with Breakaway clip or carabiner. The cases are made of crush resistant ABS plastic and a O-ring to keep out water and dust. Solid Color. Witz waterproof surfsafes are the ideal way to keep your ID, drivers license, credit cards, hotel room keys and cash safe and secure while on the go.

Perfect for traveling and vacationing. Compact Size. Dimensions:2. 5 wide x 3. 7 high x. 75 deep.

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Witz Flower Surf Safe Waterproof Case

Pro-Motion Distributing - Direct 21302-Blue - Witz cases are made of Strong, Durable ABS Resin to protect against crushing and impact. Surfsafe is a unique personal carrying case for Small Ultra-Valuables. Witz sport cases are one of the most practical waterproof cases to protect your valuables. Witz flower Surfsafe Dry Case. Witz sport cases are designed to protect your gear, so that you can focus on your adventure.

It's perfect for those small items you never want to leave behind. Designed for outdoor activities or travel, tie SurfSafe to your belt, bag or just wear it. O-ring Sealed. Its unique waterproof design provides protection that no wallet can match. Floats in Water. So, go have fun, and leave the details to Witz.

Witz Flower Surf Safe Waterproof Case - All cases are equipped with a Waterproof Rubber O-Ring to keep contents dry and safe from the elements. Waterproof Case. Witz takes pride in the fact that all of our cases are compact, lightweight, portable and convenient. Unlike other protective cases, Witz Sport Cases work for everyday use. What is adventure? is it scaling a wall of granite? leaping off a cliff into the roaring surf? Kayaking down the chutes of a storm-swollen river? Is everyday an adventure in itself? However you define adventure, Witz is here to protect your gear.

Case holds credit card, money, driver's license, keys, etc.

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