Orion SkyQuest XX12 Case Set and Shroud Package

Orion 24756 #ad - Use of the shroud will lessen the accumulation of dust and dirt on the mirrors during use, and will help prevent dew from forming on them. All the cases have carrying handles. The truss case attaches to the lower optical tube case with a hook-and-loop fastener so the two can be carried together as one. The beauty of a big truss tube Dob is that it can be disassembled into conveniently sized components for easy transport.

This one, is made of a stretchy nylon blend material that fits like a glove over the truss poles of the XX12, custom designed for the SkyQuest XX12, fastening with thick elastic bands on both ends. The lower tube case also has a zippered pocket to hold accessories. Made in the U. S. A. Black shrouds are usually so funereal - but not when you're talking truss tube Dobs! For the best performance from any truss Dob, a shroud is a must.

Orion SkyQuest XX12 Case Set and Shroud Package #ad - Each case is made of durable, 600-denier polyester/nylon material with a urethane coating and a 100% nylon lining, waterproof, and double stitched for extra strength. Made in the U. S. A. There are separate padded cases for the upper and lower optical tube sections as well as a case for the truss poles.

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Orion 5691 LaserMate Deluxe II Telescope Laser Collimator

Orion 5691 #ad - This, results in consistently pinpoint collimation with every use! Your reflector telescope will serve up the sharpest, clearest views possible, combined with the highly accurate factory-set alignment of the laser within the housing, night after night. The orion lasermate deluxe ii is ideal for use with any Newtonian reflector telescope, StarBlast reflectors, including Dobsonian reflectors, and Newtonian astrographs.

Warning class 3R laser product, avoid direct eye exposure. Its "rear-view" port has a bulls-eye target that lets you adjust the telescope's primary mirror while conveniently standing at the rear of the telescope, where the primary mirror adjustment screws are located. Warning: the class 3r laser complies with US 21 CFR 1040

Orion 5691 LaserMate Deluxe II Telescope Laser Collimator #ad - 10 and 104011 and is fda certified and IEC Compliant. With the orion lasermate Deluxe II Laser Collimator, you will get dead-on alignment a. K. A. Collimation of your reflector telescope's primary and secondary mirrors quickly and consistently. You just adjust the collimation knobs until the laser beam's red dot hits the bulls-eye, all-aluminum housing with a wider, and then you're done! This second-generation LaserMate Deluxe features and improved, 3mm barrel flange to ensure that the collimator seats squarely in the telescope's eyepiece holder - exactly parallel to the focuser's mechanical axis.

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